Sahara’s Special Senses

Praise for S A H A R A ‘ s S P E C I A L S E N S E S

As a blind chef, I love seeing elements of myself in this book. It’s important children grow up reading about those who are like them and learning about those who are NOT like them, too—it’s the way we move towards a more inclusive society. Adults can also enjoy Sahara’s Special Senses with the factoids included at the end. This book is for everybody.” — Christine Hà, Author and Celebrity Chef

This is a beautifully told and illustrated story about a determined young girl who learns to develop her senses – reading this book, you’ll taste the spices, hear the bread baking and want to devour everything Sahara eats.” – Ann Mah, bestselling author of The Lost Vintage

What a beautiful story. The beautiful innocence and strength of a little girl shines through. She is surrounded by loved ones who choose to focus on her capabilities and empowering her every step of the way. Regardless of our circumstances, we should all do the same—focus on what we can do and not what we can’t.” — Audra Morrice, Masterchef and author of My Kitchen Your Table and Cook and Feast

A beautiful story that corroborates the power of attraction—what you desire will happen. The perception of memories is often stronger that instinct. Eva demonstrates that the education of taste, at all levels, is the key to a fulfilling life.” — Mathieu Escoffier, Director and Chef, Ma Cuisine (Singapore and Beaune) 

A fascinating story. Sahara’s aspirations to become what she desires, using every good thing she has, not letting her limitations stop her–inspires me to tell Sahara’s story to all I meet.” — Joshua Chegne How Poon, Executive Director of the Singapore Association of Visually Handicapped

Sahara’s Special Senses is available for pre-orders at Armour Publishing. Forthcoming to you in March 2020. Don’t wait, order now to avoid disappointment.

Artwork by Debasmita Dasgupta of The Boy Who Talks in Bits and Bobs.