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In a concise and readable work, the author has brought together a meeting of two worlds. The rich and yet historical world of Chinese opera in the setting of a Singapore public school, the thoughts, feelings and interaction of a special needs individual meets that of a neurotypical world. The negativity and prejudices of some so called normal individuals are balanced by the understanding and sympathy of others. This story, though fictional, portrays some of the trials and tribulations of a special needs individual and debunks the misconception that such individuals usually lack knowledge acquisition or feelings. A commendable effort.”
— Dong, mother of a child on the autism spectrum

For someone who does not have an autistic child/not work with autistic children but simply using her powers of observation of her friend’s child who has autism, I am amazed at author Eva’s sharp observations which cement the characteristics of Open.

Many descriptions about Open as an autistic child are spot-on. Such as the use of visual cue cards by Open’s father, as well as the sensations brought on by food for an autistic child.

I am very touched by some moving lines that Eva uses, such as that to describe how Open’s father teaches eye contact (“Papa tells me that my eyes shine with light too and that I must remember to look people in the eye so that they can see my light.” – pp. 22).” — Chen Wei Teng, Special Educational Needs Teacher and Author of Murphy, See How You Shine!: A Story That Celebrates the Gifts Within Us

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