Books to Inspire Young Girls

Sometimes if there’s a book you really want to read, you have to write it yourself.” 

Ann Patchett

As a mother of daughters, I spent years and years researching and trawling book shops and libraries for stories that will inspire my girls to dream big, know who they are, and to never let anyone stop them from doing what they love to do.

I bought the girls folktales of heroines and books filled with goddesses, read them stories of princesses who defied the rules of being a princess, and watched movies with them where female protagonists ruled the world.

Many of these books and movies were Eurocentric, even though they may focus on a diverse character like Mulan, Moana or Pocahontas. Where were the stories of Southeast Asian or other Asian sheroes and goddesses?

“Why not write these stories yourself?” a book angel said to me one day. And some time later, this mantra “Write the books you want to read” appeared on my feed. I say mantra because this has become my core story — I write lesser-told stories on the people and subject I want to read about. I write for my daughters; I write them for your daughters (and sons).

Watch this space for further information.